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September 30, 2013:
Stimulus civil engineering projects using underground mining experts for road construction, tunnels, and other work.


Hard Rock Mining:

Hard rock mining companies and contractors will have to have a wide range of technical skills ranging from shaft sinking to alimak and shotcreting skills to hold rock faces in place.

Recommended Hard Rock Mining Specialists:

Underground Civil and Mine Construction Specialties

Hard rock mining contractors can help you with projects like civil tunneling, ground stabilization, grouting, mine development and operation, and Alimak stoping or conventional raise mining. Many above ground mining projects begin with underground mining and tunneling work, like drilling a decline to determine the potential value of digging an above ground mine. In the US and Canada, many large platinum, gold, palladium, and even diamond mines require the combined resources of underground and above ground mining contractors. In road construction, tunnelers are expected to be in higher demand due to stimulus dollars being allocated toward infrastructure projects. Many highway blasting contractors are also certified in tunneling (and vice versa) so federal and state highway contractors looking for project contracting should consult with specialists in underground mining for the best approach to building new roadway in mountainous areas, or simply widening existing highways.

Notes and Special Information

Special note: Mining skill is learned over time, and you may want to get quotes compared and vetted by a consultant who could point out faults or chances for cost overruns.